Led by Dr. Sexton, our team at Compass Health is dedicated to making it easier for you to become as healthy as you can be.

Trevor A. Sexton, N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor)

 I started my journey from the time I was a child. Since the age of eight, I have had rheumatoid arthritis. I always wanted to find the cure to RA and I knew I'd be a doctor someday. As a young adult I learned from dear friends that diet could probably help instead of the 3-5 different medications I was taking. I was more careful with the foods I regularly consumed and improved far more than I ever did with medications. I learned about naturopathic doctors who treat their patients with diet and lifestyle changes and thus began my journey to become a doctor of naturopathic medicine..

My philosophy is that simple, gentle therapies are often the best. Every person is different and your treatment will most likely be unique to you. I am so glad to be up here on The Mountain to be a partner and guide on your path to optimal health.