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I have been working with Dr. Sexton now for about four months on my leaky gut and have had huge success. We started at square one with my eating and relayed heavily on eating a simple plant based food diet. Though the journey has been tough I’ve always had a quick response from Dr. Sexton with any questions I encountered. He has taught me about vitamins, meal planning, the power of real food and has given me a real understanding of how my body was struggling. Now I am equipped with the tools to take control of my eating and in turn free me from pain and the battle I faced each day with food. I highly recommend Dr. Sexton to anyone that I encounter with similar gastrointestinal issues.
— April
Natural Forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

”In a country with a dilapidated, broken-down health care system, Dr Sexton has been a breath of fresh, healthy air. Being self-employed, I have found it both extremely expensive as well as annoyingly difficult to navigate today’s health care options. Dr Sexton has eliminated not only the issue of finding an excellent health care physician, but also one at an extremely affordable price. His yearly plan includes so many options for healthcare, including acupuncture and spinal adjustments, that one needs only to look his way no matter what the ailment might be, rather than researching and seeking out three or four different physicians - most, if not all of whom - one would have to wait 30-90 days to see. Not only that, but the cost of his visits are in line with what ones co-pay would be and his plans are less than 1/4 of what just ones deductible might be via a traditional health insurance scam - ahem - I mean, program. I also love that he is available by phone or email in between visits should the need arise, and house calls too! Oftentimes during an illness it’s just too much effort to get oneself to an office, and once you do you’re not only spreading germs to everyone in the waiting room but picking up new ones along the way! This, my friends, is true healthcare. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Dr. Sexton and highly recommend him to all.
— Diana
I first started seeing Dr. Sexton the end of June 2016. At the time, I was suffering from leaky gut syndrome and a long list of scary symptoms associated with it. I felt so sick that I truly thought that I was dying and had started preparing for it. I had given up on “conventional medicine” about four years prior to this and refused to go back to taking chemicals to treat only symptoms instead of actually curing the root cause of all the things that were wrong with me. In my search for answers, I came across the site for Compass Health Clinic. This was one approach I had not tried yet, so I set up an appointment. I was impressed with the way Dr. Sexton actually listened and seemed to genuinely care about what I was telling him. The best part was he said he could help me and I could do it all naturally... no toxic chemical medications. I had to change several things I was eating, start a simple exercise regimen, and take herbs and vitamins to heal. Figured I’d give it a shot since nothing else helped me. I am here to tell you this is the best decision I ever made. In a little over two months, I now feel like a new person. The long list of symptoms and the severe depression they caused are gone! I feel at least a good 10 years younger, have energy to burn, and have gone down two dress sizes!

If you are ready to actually be healed, call Dr. Sexton. I know from first hand experience that he can and will help you. I really feel he gave me my life back, and at 63, that’s saying a lot.

You have my deepest and most sincere thanks, Dr. Sexton.

— Vicki