Thinking down the path of least resistant (Pump Up Positive Thinking)

I've found that those patients who have a more positive attitude tend to fare better in recovery, in healing and in pain relief. There is something to creating a more positive thought pattern when a choice is presented. Now, this is easier said than done and just like exercise is needed to build a muscle, purposeful positive thoughts to interrupt negative thoughts are needed to build up the channels of positive thinking. As one of my mentors mentions to all his patients, "you have to get rid of your stinkin' thinkin' in order to get well."

This concept has led me to compare our thoughts to two main channels of water. Water flows down one channel and reaches a fork, going left or right. It will follow the path of least resistance. So, you can imagine a channel being dug out continuously day after day making the water flow down it's path more readily. Which channel of thought have you dug out? Are you constantly digging at the negative thought channel and now water (thoughts) easily flow down it's path perpetually making you pessimistic, negative, and depressed or angry? Or are you one of those freakishly happy people who is optimistic and joyful no matter what trouble comes your way? If you're the latter, then you are a little nicer to be around. An example of positive thinking can go like this:

Bob at work: "That color looks great on you." 

You: "Thanks, I thought so too, that's why I wore it." or just simply. "Thank you." (Positive)

or contrast that with:

You: "Thanks. It's really not that great, you're just being nice." or simply. "Thanks." (internal thought) 'He's just trying to be nice because he can see I've had a bad morning already.' (negative)

The fork in the flow of thought was the comment by Bob. The choice in response is up to you. But as you dig deeper in the channel of negativity this unhealthy "stinkin' thinkin'" will become the path of least resistance. It will become your most natural reaction. Some people will claim, "that's just the way I am." No, that's what you have CHOSEN to become. How do you change that attitude?

Have you ever seen a channel of water stopped by an inflatable dam? I have, pretty cool concept. To have a visual go to Well, to stop the negative thoughts you need to pump up the dam in the negative channel and get that positive thought channel dug out deeper so the water (thoughts) more naturally flow down it's path. Pump Up Positive Thinking. A recent experience for me was when I started saying a daily positive mantra.  On the 5th day of saying the mantra, to stop a toxic thought and improve my positive thought channel, I had a dream. The dream involved the toxic thought and boom, my previous day's positive mantra stepped in, stopped it and my toxic dream stopped. This works! Subconsciously I was reconstructing the thought pattern to flow down the positive channel by damming the negative thought. 

You can do this too. Ideally you pick a recurring negative thought and every time that thought pops in your mind, consciously choose to replace it with a predesignated positive thought for a period of days. Take however many days you need until your negative thought pattern changes.  This alone can lead to greater emotional and physical health and have you progressing towards a happier and more emotionally stable you. It can be the stimulus to have you more motivated to make other changes in your life that will help you live healthy, pain free lives.

To dig even deeper on this concept there is evidence of the physical structure of your brain changing based on the thought pattern that dominates. You pump up positive thinking enough and the neurochemical changes in your brain provide a path with less resistance. An article by Debbie Hamptom speaks well to this concept in the Huffington Post. Go to this article link "How Your Thoughts Change your Brain, Cells and Genes." or see Dr. Doidge's website: 

There are many therapies to pump up positive thinking, including homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences and more. At Compass Health Clinic, we provide a holistic approach to your health and helping you nurture those positive thoughts. Call or email with any questions at (928) 985-0242 or email:

Pump Up Positive Thinking

Trevor Sexton ND